Looking at the Audi R8 V10 coupe from the right angle

The Audi R8 coupe was originally designed for the V10engine. It was built around him! This is exactly how, 525-horsepower and ten-cylinder, its creators saw the car. But literate marketers first launched the quieter version with the V8. For success, the effect of novelty and docile nature of the machine turned out to be enough. And the V- 10 5.2 FSI, meanwhile, lifted the Lamborghini Gallardo to new heights and, fanned with super car glory, returned to where it was supposed to be - to the engine compartment of the R8 V10 . Get additional info at v10 life expectancy

So keep in mind: big words about the Italian"heart", "soul of the bull" and so on are nothing more than advertising. And although all the facts say that the randomization of the R8 Isa subtle, well-calculated PR move , I myself, I confess, did not get it to understand. But when my unnamed source at Audi helped me figure out the causal relationship, I finally realized why at one time I could not squeeze out anything about the R8 4.2 FSI.

There is no journalistic sin harder than taking a car for a test and not writing anything about it. For several years now I have had one such unrepentant. Well, I could not find any expressive, accurate images to describe the Audi R8 with the "eight". A beautiful car, memorable,recognizable even by babies, a real Audi ... or a real Audi. Or the present.Here, I’m just talking about this: don’t understand what.

The most expressive thing about that car was driving in reverse gear. At the moment of turning it on, the refined, comfortable car suddenly tensed: you know, as they show in the movies, when the shirt of mutant heroes cracks at the seams under the pressure of muscles. The car began to vibrate unkindly, and it moved back in extremely short but terrible jerks. At that moment, one hundred percent felt that in the soul of the R8 - a sport scar. It turned out to be some kind of nonsense : you could feel the drive only by switching to the reverse.

And then I accidentally ran into the definition of the420-strong version, which is used between the Ingolstadt public, involved in the creation of R8: the car of the dentist's wife. That is, there may be a lawyer, economist or artist in the dentist's place, but it is assumed that they understand cars. And their wives don't need it. And if the latter needs a sports car, then first of all it should look extreme. But it’s not really athletic. Not too noisy, not too sharp, not harsh ... Many of us would prefer this alignment, you must agree. There is no point in being offended by the terminology. After all, none of the Germans called the R8 4.2 FSI a women's car. They only said that the male variant is the R8 V10.

The element of struggle lives in him at the genetic level. The very existence of the V10 engine is a challenge. Tradition says that at one time the leadership of Formula 1 regulated the use often-cylinder engines as a purely deterrent factor in the arms race. After all,V10 is one of the most problematic configurations : moments from the forces of inertia of both the first and second orders, as well as moments from centrifugal forces, remain free here. But the racing mechanics defeated the congenital inferiority of the "dozen": the crankshaft of the formula engines made over 20,000 rpm !